The media in Africa continue to face serious challenges that to a very large extent threaten its very existence. Apart from the fact that the media legislations in most of the countries in the continent are very much “unfriendly” and not in conformity with internationally recognized standards, journalists and media workers are continuously threatened, arbitrarily arrested and detained incommunicado; tortured, forced into exile and in certain instances killed with impunity.


These multiple negative factors meted out to journalists had no doubt send chilling effects to their spines, thus affecting their work in every aspect. Most journalists are forced into self- censorship mainly due to the high- handedness of the majority of governments in the continent, thus incapacitating the media to perform its quota with regards to national development.


FAJ therefore as a continental journalists organisation must not only address issues in relation to the working environment of journalists, but must also strive to address critical issues that have a direct impact on the development of the the countries, the regions and the continent at large.