Since 2010, the safety and security of journalists has been a top priority for FAJ. Within the last three years a lot has been done in this regard most especially the determined efforts of journalists to fight impunity and to bring the perpetrators of these crimes against journalists to justice. No matter how much work has been done, or how much has been achieved, what is evident is that there is still enormous work that needs to be done in order to do away with impunity.  The impunity campaigns therefore must be intensified within the next three year. In addition to this noting the precarious nature of the working conditions of journalists, the safety and security of journalists MUST be treated as an ongoing issue within the next three years and beyond.


Safety Online

 The Internet without doubt offers great opportunities to journalism and has since revolutionalised the way journalists work.  Like all innovations that expose corruption and human rights abuses, there are crude strategies by governments to clamp down on journalists through their work on the Internet.  Unfortunately, the majority of journalists have still yet not mastered the art of protecting their work on the Internet, which to some extent makes them vulnerable to government spy agents who are constantly monitoring them. Journalists therefore need to be trained on Internet safety in order for them to be able to safe and secure their work from the spy agents