This programme by the EJN and FAJ involves the carrying out of consultations, organisation of regional conferences and workshops to strengthen ethical journalism, gender equality and professionalism in the African media.

 The focus of the programme will be to raise awareness among media professionals on practical actions they can take to combat Corruption, Hate and Terrorism through the exercise of ethical journalism, good governance and respect for equality.

 The programme will aim to strengthen the craft of journalism and develop proposals for how journalism can become an inspiration for more responsible public communications across the African information landscape, using digital tools to strengthen respect for authors’ rights, core ethical principles and to combat hate-speech, propaganda and intolerance.

 The core programme will involve three regional meetings on self-regulation and media reporting of hate-speech, gender-based violence, conflict and corruption. There will be additional workshops on ethics and authors’ rights and use of digital tools to combat hate speech.

 There will be a special focus on issues of gender based violence as well as self-regulation issues. The meetings will consider how ethical and quality journalism contributes to development and also discuss taking forward the Turning the Page of Hate in Africa campaign. This work will be in co-operation with journalism schools. Alongside this work the EJN will encourage public debates on how ethical journalism can encourage responsible free expression across the wider public information landscape. There will be a discussion on the creation of an ethical journalism network process for Africa.

 The broad objectives of the programme and expected results are set out in the attached programme workplan. The work will be carried out in co-operation with other African partners including the African Media initiative, the International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IWART) and the African Editors’ Forum.

 The FAJ is responsible for co-ordination and organisation of the programme activities. Part of the programme also adresses the promotion of authors’ rights in Africa through ethical Journalism.


 Objectives of the Programme: A major influence everywhere is misinformation online, where distortion and falsehoods are becoming all-too common. The purpose of the EJN programme set out here is to prevent such abuse by targeting key areas of professional concern in regions where it is most needed. The programme reinforces the view that qualityjournalism, particularly in challenging times, leads to better informed citizens who are able to play a positive role in democratic and sustainable development. The objective is to develop a comprehensive Africa programme for journalists, editors and media leaders to strengthen ethical journalism.